I'm in ur Pilgrymage

Messin with ur cortly luv paradime

This is the last post to be made in this LJ
Since I think I've got it locked down pretty tight, anyone who still wants to read my blog posts may friend


If I know you from here, then I'll re-friend you there.

Movement. Hopefully Forward.
After a lot of thought, I have decided not to delete this journal. There are a lot of memories on it I'd like to preserve.

However, it will no longer be being updated. I will be leaving it intact for the purposes of updating bigcage (The blog about that original story I'll never finish) and welcometomybbq (The Cooking Blog) but that is all.

I have my reasons for this and I will not go into them here.

This post is screened. I will be moving my digs to a very very protected journal. Friends Only, Locked and by Invite only. Again, I have my reasons for this. It will be more of the same as was here: random bits of life, overenthusiasm about hobbies, school stories, those opinions that like it or not, might be different from your own *GASP AND SHOCK!* and fanjunk.

If you'd like a link to the new journal, please post a comment. If you're looking for your chance to be rid of me because I bore you or have offended you greatly somehow, now's your chance.

As to facebook, I am still debating whether or not to restore that. I will continue to post around at various places I frequent on the internet as 'Lost Experiment' or 'Lost Score', so those who wish to find me can still do so.

It saddens me greatly that this is a measure I must take...and it kind of pisses me off as well: I Liked this username goddamnit...Plus I have like what? Two years of paid time that are going to go to waste? Fuck.

Oh well though.

Venture Bros. Season Finale
Well FUCK.

Drunk Dr. O made it. I want to be that awesomely pathetic as a parent one day.

I...think I may have just had a day where I wasn't irrationally angry at something for no good reason.

Might this be a return to rational thought?

(no subject)
Am enjoying me some HP 7 pt.1.

It occurs to me I ought to put this under a cutCollapse )

More to come...

Movie night
So saw, 'Easy A'. To my great surprise...I enjoyed it, but I didn't think it was a good film. This is to say, it delivered on 'regular old stupid comedy/girl flick'.

However what I DID enjoy about it was that it didn't just do what is popular about the 'hip new film that is based on an old classic novel'. They did this correctly here IMHO. It wasn't another 'hip Shakespeare' moment.

All in all, not perfect but better than what I thought might happen all round. Was also very intrigued by the Christian group as a sort of inactive villain in the film. I haven't REALLY seen that angle done in years. I'm really...not offended by it. It was played up to silliness and to fit with the Hester Prynne angle but I was fascinated not (again) offended. I've so rarely seen this approach to a Christian villain in GOD knows how long so I was very shocked by it...and liked it a little even. Certainly played for sillines but it turned out to be one of the reasons I gave the film more than "okay dorky comedy" in the end.

Also had the MOST awesome salsa and fish that I believe I've ever had. Keep an ear to the food blog about that. I'll prolly resort it just now and put it up.

Was at a sleep clinic and I'm not supposed to be awake now but...ah, here we are. They're treating it as night terrors for now but they say that's not...exactly it because night terrors are generally not rememebered in the morning. Still some proactiveness towards figuring it out

Cheers, Mate!
Dude, the Indian guy who runs our local Spar is the fucking coolest guy ever.
He's so obviously Scottish like whoa, but told me the bestest place to get Pakoras in the west end so will be trying that. Soon.

So bizzare.
Soma Cruz
I had an 'accented' day. Everyone knows my accent is bizzare and not placeable. It comes from being raised in a German household with an Irish father, who, let's face it, still pronounces words in a Canadian accent as though he had his accent. He doesn't drink as much as he did when he was younger but when he does, HOLY SHIT THE IRISH. (I do, by this point in my life consider English my first language though. When I was younger it was not. Now, it definitely is because I can't rattle off in German the way I used to.) However, I don't sound American and I don't sound British in any capacity but I'm often mistaken for any number of things. Today, I had three separate errands to accomplish. On each one, I wound up getting my accent asked about. Only one got it right.

At the library, I was mistaken for an Aussie. I explained that no, I
was Canadian. I had my passport on me because of the bank so I showed
it to the librarian and even so she insisted that I sounded very
Australian. Chris and other Scottish friends of mine have said it to
me too, however, normally when they say this, it's if I've had some
alcohol. But this was at 10:00 in the morning so...definitely no
alcohol involved. I was going to tell him this anyway for that
particular reason, but it just didn't stop there.

Later, after I was done at the library, I went to the bank, I was
mistaken for an American...kinda. It was very funny, the lady in
question was Italian and, I quote her: "Yours is the nicest American
accent I've ever heard. What part of America are you from?" and so I
of course again explained I was not, in fact, American but Canadian.

Then, at the Tesco, there was a guy behind me in the checkout line,
and I swear, I didn't have any ID out since I was just buying
groceries and nothing that might have required it. I also know I
wasn't wearing anything like a logo on my jacket or a flag patch that
would have identified me as Canadian, but after I finished paying, he
tapped my shoulder and asked "Can I ask what part of Canada you're
from?" So turned out that he had lived in Ontario half his life AND
had gone to University at UofT and said 'I had to ask because I'd know
that accent anywhere'.

All three in one day. Could NOT believe it.

While I don't exactly know what is going on with my hormones and why I'm suddenly like a raging teenager as opposed to a 26 year old adult over some very ridiculous things, I DID get an awesome reminder of why I do do...what I do tonight.

It was a game of TF2 with my usual clan, what consists of the United Nations, and I was off team for awhile and it so turned out one of our Norweigian lot on the server wanted some advice on her triumvirate of dystopian novels: 1984, Brave New World and Farenheit 451.

Not only did it inspire me to go back and read 451 which I am doing tomorrow, it was such an awesome thrill to have someone listen to all I had to say on the issue of Dystopia which she was INTERESTED to hear rather than 'no please shut up Ash, we don't care how into the book you are'. much as I tease first years or gently mock undergrads, I think I'm in the rarity where I like teaching them. As PhD Comics confirms you always get that ONE who is a 'grad student in the making' who really finds what you're talking about interesting.

And if you touch it quite right you can get the LOT of them thinking about something unusual. Like presenting economic problems vis a vis the Shire and Moria and Rivendell in LOTR.

But maybe I feel a little better at the end of the day. I do wish I could figure out...or...well maybe I just hope that once my period is done I'm going to be normal. It's so bizzare to me to be so...emotional.I've never been a slave to my hormones like some women, but it seems to be that when it hits, it hits HARD and I'm really hoping that's the basic reason for it.

Um, so I seem to have a run of bad luck whenever I play front in paintball.

...and yet this doesn't scare me off.

A long story short, we were playing a team who, shall we say, way better than us, and I got in the position of trying to run a technicality. I was (for all intents and purposes) backed into a corner, but I was hoping that if I did something ridiculous enough (say, fire a low-fps pistol when I know that it's going to bounce right off and brush by hoping that it wouldn't count as a barrel tag ...since I wasn't ACTUALLY tagged?) vs. HIS idea which was to tease me a little by filling the wall with paint and letting me have one or two shots, which let's face it might at worst leave a little bruise.

Guess what happened at once. The other fellow felt badly but I assured him this shit happens to me all the time and he sort of gave me the 'yeaahhh uhhuh' look. I told him to just wait.

It was immensely painful, but I am told, by fellow Annihilator concert-goers that y'know, the whole arm brace thing made me look 'more bad-ass'.

The concert was AWESOME too. I was really impressed by the whole set, and it was awesome too that they actually stopped about 3/4 of the way through to do some accoustic stuff like Venus Rising.


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